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lipstick #1 ( SOLD )

Jacqueline McIntyre

Posted by PicasaI thought I'd give myself a break from the flower series and start another series with a different subject that I thought would be fun to try and paint. I also wanted to try approaching the subject with more drama or perhaps graphicness.....I don't know, this is my second attempt, several years ago I did an oil of nail polish bottles, which I enjoyed the challenge of painting. I will post that painting next to get perhaps some comments on this new direction of subject matter.
I do have another flower painting started and am hoping to have more than one painting going at a time. My daughter gave birth to twin boys that were two months premature. Both boys are finally home, so I try and help as much as I can to give her a little rest. I have been painting in the evening, which I find kind of difficult with the fading light.
I should really take a new photo of this painting, the tubes are standing straight, I think I didn't have the painting upright enough.