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Guardino Gallery’s 18th Annual Little Things Show

Jackie McIntyre

November 23-December 30
The Gallery will celebrate eighteen years of challenging artists to create art that will fit into an imaginary box, 7″ X 7″ (frame and stand included). No other limitations. Every year is a surprise, with new artists added each year. The show is geared to holiday sales.  The buyer will be able to carry their artwork out at the time of purchase.  The show you see on the first day will not be the same show on the last day, as artists bring in new work or simply sell out as the show progresses.  This is a great opportunity to “Give the Gift of Art” at affordable prices by local artists as holiday presents or to decorate your own special corner or cubbyhole (that “little” spot in your home).

Guardino Gallery’s Day of the Dead Show

Jackie McIntyre

12th Annual Day of the Dead

DAY OF THE DEAD SHOW  (September 27-October 21)
The 12th annual “Day of the Dead” show at Guardino Gallery is not to be missed. This year 55 artists are asked to interpret this Latino tradition and make it their own. This show features paintings, ceramics, fabric, wood, embroidery and more. All with the Day of the Dead theme. Opens Last Thursday, September 27, 6-9pm with art, live music, public altars, costumes. The show will run through Oct  21.
This year we will take over the Main Gallery and the Feature Area. It will be the largest Day of the Dead show here with 59 artists. This is a loving celebration about taking away the mystique of death, art raging from lighthearted to deeply profound.
We have added another Public Altar to the show. In addition to the altar for remembrance of our family members and friends, we have added a Pet Altar for our pet companions. Bring pictures, small tokens or add to the growing slips of paper available here. Join in the celebration.

Another Cold Wax and Oil piece

Jackie McIntyre

Picture or Video 070.jpg

This is the start of a larger cold wax and oil piece.  The floral strip measures 8"hx24"w.  I am hoping to put a 7"hx24" abstract cold wax painting above the flowers and then a 15"hx24"w painting below again with the cold wax representing the garden or landscape the flowers might have come from.

I ordered a book written by Rebecca Coldwell and Jerry McLaughin and have been waiting to tackle the cold wax part thinking the book might give me some new information and ideas on how to manipulate the wax and oil together

More to ADD

Jackie McIntyre

Title; "Service With a Smile" 12"x 12" Oil and Collage with found objects.   Framed in a 2" deep black shadow frame.

A number of years ago, I started watching the crows in our neighborhood sort of hop or as a I like to think "dance around" in the rain.  From watching them that gave me the idea to do a whole series of small paintings ofa crow in the rain with a sort of collage element as a part of the piece. I really enjoy doing collages and assemblages so working this way gave me a way of expressing myself through both mediums.

More to the Series

Jackie McIntyre

For a very long time I had a blog through Googles BlogSpot, but in recent years it became more difficult for me to post photos of my work.  Not Googles fault, just my lack of computer skills, thus I stopped posting as I at times I wanted to throw the computer out the front door.

So, February of last year...2016 my wonderful children gave me for my birthday my own website with my own URL, through  Squarespace.  I have to tell and let everyone who reads this know that I wasn't able to navigate the whole process by myself.  One of my sons dear friends, a graphic designer Mariko Metze who she and her family had relocated from LA to the Portland area was kind enough to get me up and running with the website. Also, my daughter Alison McIntyre also was instrumental in helping me figure out certain aspects of the website.

For almost a year I have been working on a series of 12" x12" panels that include an oil painting, mostly of a variety of birds and an area of found objects that generally relates to the subject the birds might be portraying...sort of a story they might be telling.

It's Been A While

Jackie McIntyre

Well I started this new website and blog almost a year ago and I am now just getting back to trying to figure out how to make it all work! My old blog was located at

I have been working on a series for the last year combining a painting with my love of found objects.  Please check out my mixed media page to see what I have posted so far on the series.

Title: Opinions are Easy, Listening is Much Harder

Picture or Video 653.jpg

12" x 12" x2", Black Shadow Box Frame $350, Oil and Bones


Jacqueline McIntyre

Exploring new ideas is what I enjoy most about the creative process of painting or doing a collage or assemblage. 

I am fascinated by the forms, colors and shapes flowers become at the end of their life cycle.  I see this end stage as a metamorphosis into a new and beautiful abstract form with a new variety of shapes and colors.  From my painting perspective I now see movement in the petals and leaves,  It is this new abstractness and movement that I try to convey in my paintings.

Another subject that has become part of my work are the many variety of birds that come to our bird feeders.  I work mostly in oils and have discovered using oils with cold wax medium.  Working with this medium creates more abstractness which allows me to interpret the landscape in a transitional abstract stage that the birds or flowers might have inhabit or grow.


Jacqueline McIntyre

For some reason my photo lately of my art have appeared dark when I go to post them.  Another oil painting with assemblage parts.  I have painted these two birds before because it always look like she is harping on him about something. I feel like this one tells a story;  she is mad at him because he gambled their money on real estate investments without her knowledge.

Speaking of harping, once again it has been a frustrating social media day for me.  Pictures I have tried to post via Instgram have appeared sideways.  Guess I could Google how to rotate them but after a while I just want to call it quits and try another day.  And as always problems with the blog and I realize I am just not young enough to figure it all out.

Oil and Assemblage, Stellar Jays, shadow box frames, 12"x12"

SAFETY IN NUMBERS (Canadian Geese)

Jacqueline McIntyre

I have been a collector of things/stuff for many years and during that time many items have found their way in to Assemblages.  I can forget the about the collection for a while then one day I open the space where I put them and ideas start to come together.  I never know the direction one will take which is the fun part of finding where a piece should go; sort of like putting a puzzle together.

We have many, many Canadian Geese near us and they are always in a group with most of them feeding and one or two are on watch duty for danger while the rest are feeding.

Always safety in numbers...

Oil and Assemblage, shadow box frame, 12"x12"


Jacqueline McIntyre

As usual it's been awhile since I have posted any new art.  I just have so many issues with my blog that I don't look forward to trying to post an image.  I think my new years resolution this year will be to create a website rather than the blog.

I have started another series with the birds; trying to incorporate some assemblage  items into some of them. 

This one has Domino parts and Bingo pieces in it.  Sort telling a story about the games we play figuratively.  Size is 12"x12" framed in a shadow box frame.


Another Show with my birds (

Jacqueline McIntyre



 I feel I am on a roll with posting, somehow I can still post pictures to my blog.  Not really sure why the miracle happened , but it did, so I'm taking advantage of this time while it's still working. and I don't have to scream at the computer to "give me a break and why can't I figure out the problem!!!"

Also I feel very fortunate that I will have some of my painting showing at the Bush Barn Art Center in Salem Oregon for the month of July and August. From July 10th to Aug. 29th  The center is a wonderful space for artist to show;  so if you have the time stop in to see really outstanding work by artists of the Pacific Northwest.
My friend Wendy Dehart will also be showing at the Bush Center, for the two months show.

The show will be on at the same time the Salem Arts Festival is happening, July 19th -21st.  This is a premier arts festival with over 200 regional and local artists and craftspeople.

Additionally two artist friends will have booths at the Salem Arts Festival, Susan Borger a very talented fiber artist, and her painter husband Dennis Anderson,,

Small Bird Painting Show

Jacqueline McIntyre



The above paintings are a small sampling of a show of my 8"x8" paintings of birds that will be at the Red Magnolia Salon for the month of July and August.  The salon is located in the Alberta Arts District of Portland; located at 5011 NE 13th Ave. Portland Oregon., stop in and say hello to Maggie the beautiful and charming owner of the salon.  All of the pieces have some sort of collage element on the bottom and most are painted in Oils with a few done in acrylics.

FIVE CHICKADEES title"Five Amigos"

Jacqueline McIntyre

I felt I couldn't give up on my blog, so I have spent several hours trying different fixes.  Something worked, just not sure what!  I did some updates to Internet Explorer and Windows, perhaps that helped; really won't know until I try and post another photo. I'll try posting again this weekend, keeping my fingers crossed the issue is gone.
This piece isn't large, just 18" long by 6 1/2" wide.  Done in oils and the back ground colors were inspired by one of my favorite artists; Raimonds Straprans.


Jacqueline McIntyre

I have reached my limit with this BLOG, I can no longer post a picture to it without going through many frustrating attempts.  Clear the cookies, cashe, etc. compatible view and on and on I try.  Just so not worth my time, of which I could be painting!  Why have you made it so difficult GOOGLE??? So many error codes.  I'm not computer savvy enough to try and spend more time messing up what I like on my computer.   That's my rant for today....


Jacqueline McIntyre

 Make a Wish, Oil, 24"x24"
Once again a long time between posts. I have spent the winter taking classes with Jennifer Diehl,  The first class was a color workshop that was so educational. I have painted for years and studied color theory many many moons ago in collage, but this class really made me put into practice what I was learning.  She has been teaching at the Brush and Palette for the past several years and I decided to do two back to back 8 weeks courses. 

I feel so extremely fortunate that she has been teaching in my area where I live because she is so knowledgeable and an outstanding teacher.  She started studying with Henry Stinson from the age of ten to eighteen.  After that even as good as she was as an artist knew there were four more areas she felt she needed to better her art.  So from there she found the four artist she felt could help in those areas.  I so admire an artist who even though she is an internationally known artist still will take workshops from other artist whom she feels she can learn from.  The bottom line is we can always become better at what we do by seeking the answer to what will improve us.

As I have stated before in my posts I am attracted to flowers in various stages, from full bloom to the beauty of when the bloom is done.  I think Dandelions have so many interesting forms and colors after the yellow bloom is done and the seeds go sailing off to become  a pest in our lawns and landscapes.

New and Old Assemblages

Jacqueline McIntyre

  New One Title: Past Generation"
  Old One (private collection)
  New One Title:"3 Directions" (SOLD)
I have been in a sort of a painting funk and decided to step away for a bit.  I have had two very old empty wooden cashiers drawers hanging around in my studio for ages and decided it might be a good time to work on something different.  I have created assemblages in the past and have a odd collection of items that really needed a home.  I can't remember where I bought the vintage photos, perhaps at a garage sale or flea market.

The second assemblage is owned by my son Michael.  He was visiting us in Portland a few years ago and while he was here usually like to visit antique and junk stores. He is also a collector of things and will occasionally bring me an oddity such as a dolls head or the lady sitting crossed legged in the second piece.  The old frame I used was something I lugged back on a plane after visiting him in LA.  That one also has bits of broken green glass I will often pick up off the street when perhaps a car has a broken window. That one also has jewelry included.

The last piece is another wooden cash drawer filled with odds and ends that I have stored away for just such a  purpose... to re-purpose into something new. I had fun with the three small compartments at the bottom of the piece; that was all about layering various items to get what I wanted.

I should have posted that three of my assemblages are showing at the SideSteet Gallery for the months of April and May.  Rita Larson and Michael Pratt of "Pratt and Larson Tile" are the wonderful owners who support the arts and arstists with their funky and charming gallery and I am always proud to be a part of the shows they put on. 


Jacqueline McIntyre

This has been a super frustrating post. The picture came in rotated and it has taken me close to a half an hour to get it right side up, nor can I figure out how to get rid of the ridges crossing the picture...UGH!  Couldn't begin to explain how I finally rotated it.  Think I will try and take a new picture and see what happens with that one if I get time.  Speaking of time, this sure has been a time waster!

I was leaving a store the other day and saw a table full of beautiful Cyclamen; looking at them made me feel like getting away from the birds and the cold wax process and go back to painting flowers for awhile and to play with shadows.

Oil on Canvas,  size 16x20, cost $350.