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New and Old Assemblages

Jacqueline McIntyre

  New One Title: Past Generation"
  Old One (private collection)
  New One Title:"3 Directions" (SOLD)
I have been in a sort of a painting funk and decided to step away for a bit.  I have had two very old empty wooden cashiers drawers hanging around in my studio for ages and decided it might be a good time to work on something different.  I have created assemblages in the past and have a odd collection of items that really needed a home.  I can't remember where I bought the vintage photos, perhaps at a garage sale or flea market.

The second assemblage is owned by my son Michael.  He was visiting us in Portland a few years ago and while he was here usually like to visit antique and junk stores. He is also a collector of things and will occasionally bring me an oddity such as a dolls head or the lady sitting crossed legged in the second piece.  The old frame I used was something I lugged back on a plane after visiting him in LA.  That one also has bits of broken green glass I will often pick up off the street when perhaps a car has a broken window. That one also has jewelry included.

The last piece is another wooden cash drawer filled with odds and ends that I have stored away for just such a  purpose... to re-purpose into something new. I had fun with the three small compartments at the bottom of the piece; that was all about layering various items to get what I wanted.

I should have posted that three of my assemblages are showing at the SideSteet Gallery for the months of April and May.  Rita Larson and Michael Pratt of "Pratt and Larson Tile" are the wonderful owners who support the arts and arstists with their funky and charming gallery and I am always proud to be a part of the shows they put on.