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Jacqueline McIntyre

 Make a Wish, Oil, 24"x24"
Once again a long time between posts. I have spent the winter taking classes with Jennifer Diehl,  The first class was a color workshop that was so educational. I have painted for years and studied color theory many many moons ago in collage, but this class really made me put into practice what I was learning.  She has been teaching at the Brush and Palette for the past several years and I decided to do two back to back 8 weeks courses. 

I feel so extremely fortunate that she has been teaching in my area where I live because she is so knowledgeable and an outstanding teacher.  She started studying with Henry Stinson from the age of ten to eighteen.  After that even as good as she was as an artist knew there were four more areas she felt she needed to better her art.  So from there she found the four artist she felt could help in those areas.  I so admire an artist who even though she is an internationally known artist still will take workshops from other artist whom she feels she can learn from.  The bottom line is we can always become better at what we do by seeking the answer to what will improve us.

As I have stated before in my posts I am attracted to flowers in various stages, from full bloom to the beauty of when the bloom is done.  I think Dandelions have so many interesting forms and colors after the yellow bloom is done and the seeds go sailing off to become  a pest in our lawns and landscapes.