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Jackie McIntyre

Title; "Service With a Smile" 12"x 12" Oil and Collage with found objects.   Framed in a 2" deep black shadow frame.

A number of years ago, I started watching the crows in our neighborhood sort of hop or as a I like to think "dance around" in the rain.  From watching them that gave me the idea to do a whole series of small paintings ofa crow in the rain with a sort of collage element as a part of the piece. I really enjoy doing collages and assemblages so working this way gave me a way of expressing myself through both mediums.

Polish #3

Jacqueline McIntyre

This was an attempt to do the painting with more of a monochromatic feel. I should have had my head examined in attempting to do the wall paper back ground. Took way too long to paint and it gets me farther away from the way I want to paint. The next post is more the way I was painting and need to get back to. But, first I need to complete the Cosmetic Series I started.
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Soft Beige

Jacqueline McIntyre

This is another painting in the Cosmetic Series. The gallery I am in had a wonderful response to them and sold all but one. So, I thought I would attempt to do several more. Once again the camera showed me something I didn't see when I looked at the painting in my studio. I hadn't painted in the pale shadow to the right of the compact and realized the compact didn't look grounded. So I put in a light shadow, but when I saw my first attempt it looked to dark and the lines didn't appear straight enough; so I ruled in new lines and still they don't look straight in the photo, but looking at the painting in my studio the lines look straight. UGH!
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Jennifer's Perfume #2

Jacqueline McIntyre

I was asked to do a commission of some perfume bottles. I have been working on some ideas and have completed two for the commission. It always helps for me to take a photo of the completed piece because I always see something that might need some more work. When I look at the blue shadow, the first one seems to be too bright a blue and I know it's really not so intense. The camera picked it up as being more intense then it really is. I am posting another one with a different background and would welcome suggestions.
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