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Jackie McIntyre

For a very long time I had a blog through Googles BlogSpot, but in recent years it became more difficult for me to post photos of my work.  Not Googles fault, just my lack of computer skills, thus I stopped posting as I at times I wanted to throw the computer out the front door.

So, February of last year...2016 my wonderful children gave me for my birthday my own website with my own URL, through  Squarespace.  I have to tell and let everyone who reads this know that I wasn't able to navigate the whole process by myself.  One of my sons dear friends, a graphic designer Mariko Metze who she and her family had relocated from LA to the Portland area was kind enough to get me up and running with the website. Also, my daughter Alison McIntyre also was instrumental in helping me figure out certain aspects of the website.

For almost a year I have been working on a series of 12" x12" panels that include an oil painting, mostly of a variety of birds and an area of found objects that generally relates to the subject the birds might be portraying...sort of a story they might be telling.