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Jacqueline McIntyre

My friend and fellow artist Wendy Dehart, asked me to go out recently to paint in a local park. Our plan was to go out later in the day, around four o'clock to catch the afternoon long shadows. Well, it's Portland and while the summer has been beautiful and now that fall is approaching we didn't get to catch the long shadows. We had really no shadows as the afternoon just became overcast. We decided to paint anyway and this is my attempt at Plein Air. I have only been painting outdoors a handful of times and always seem overwhelmed. I have a hard time narrowing down what I want to paint. My daughter commented she thought the trees looked like they are doing a plie'. I realized I painted both trees with the same "V's" in their branches making them very repetative. Posting the photo's always gives me a differnt perspective of my paintings. It's a very good tool to help see what I don't always see when I'm painting.
I have another friend that has put her art on a new web sites for artist. Check out Patty Ryan's art at: and also her blog;

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