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More Cosmetics

Jacqueline McIntyre

A note to add to this previous post. I am thrilled to say that these have sold and I have also received a commission from this series. That should keep me busy after the holidays. I started another flower painting and my husband says I should stick to the cosmetics. But I enjoy painting the flowers more. I like the freedom of the flowers, the looseness of the paint going on the canvas. The flowers always seem to be dancing around which I when I step away from the canvas always surprises me. These are some additional paintings I did in the Cosmetic series. Last Friday night the gallery I show in (Howden's) had their winter open house and I was fortunate to sell one of the lipstick paintings to a lovely women and fellow artists from Wisconsin. My daughter just gave me a bag full of nail polish and lipstick to keep me busy for awhile. I would like to try a few more with the wallpaper background but I am in the middle of another dried flower painting and hope to get that done this week to start on the smaller paintings. Just never seems to be enough time to get all the paintings done that roam around in my head!
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