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Pearl of Portland

Jacqueline McIntyre

Last February our Daughter had some errands to do, so she brought along her Dog Pearl. She parked her car on a very busy street in Portland. When she opened her car door her dog Pearl who was wearing a lovely pink dogie coat jumped out of the car and ran like a crazy little Pug dog that she is down that very busy street. Our daughter was pregnant with twins at the time and couldn't run as fast as her dog was traveling. So, Pearl went missing for 17 days. Our daughter and her Dad scoured all of Portland day after day searching for her beloved Pearl. Finally Pearl was spotted running across a street not too far from where she was lost. Missing her pretty pink coat, smelling like a cat and a few pounds lighter; since she can't talk we can only assume she was picked up by someone and being the crazy dog that she is performed another escape trick from that person. Last year I did a painting for my son's birthday and this Collage of Pearl is for my daughter as an early birthday gift.
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