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Flowers Again

Jacqueline McIntyre

Right after I finished doing the Cosmetic Series I felt compelled to go back to painting flowers. I saw these beautiful Canna Lilies at the Hughes Water Garden in Wilsonville Oregon. . It was an early evening when I was there and the light hitting the flowers was that beautiful glow just before the sun sets. I was drawn to their form and the complexity of the petals. I wonder what it is that as an artist certain subjects just speak to us and others don't. I look at a lot of art in books, go to Museums and read other artists blogs and am amazed at what others find interesting to paint. I always think how wonderful it must have been for those artists to find a particular subject interesting to paint and wish I could have seen what they saw in that object or scene to want to paint that subject.

Speaking of other artists; I have mentioned in previous posts that I paint with several artists on a Thursday afternoon. One of the artists also blogs and writes about her feelings as an artists. Besides admiring other artists work online, I really admire people who also have the gift for writing and expressing not only their feeling in paint , but also for words. Check out Patty's thoughts on her blog and her recent fern painting it's a beauty.

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