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Sun Flower, Summers Close

Jacqueline McIntyre

I was recently accepted in a
juried art show that happens in
early March. I was thrilled to
be accepted as it's a difficult
show to get into. They want my
flower series or the collages, so
I started back into the dried
sunflowers paintings. I can
enter up to 8 pieces for the show.
I have been reading some articles
on marketing art and realize that
while I enjoy trying to paint
different subject matter and exploring
new ideas; what really matters is
having a consistent body of work.
Meaning, sticking to one subject such
as the flower series and creating about
a dozen paintings, in the same style,
and the same medium. I also need to spend more time trying
to photograph the paintings better. When I say time I really
should say stop being lazy and set up a tripod for the camera.
When I check the blog postings I realize how many are some
what out of focus.