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"Cow" Girl Collage

Jacqueline McIntyre

This is what's on my easel right now.  It's another collage and oil piece.  I always find it interesting that when I begin a collage I never know what direction it will take.  If I start out with a preconceived idea, most of the time it never goes as planned.  That's what happened with this one.  The ear tags need work and need numbers, which are usually on the tags to identify the cow..  I was going to put diamond studs on the tags, but I felt it was getting too busy and corny. 

  I have been asked as to what I use to glue down my collage elements.  I have tried Goldens Gloss Medium, but found that "YES PASTE" for me works somewhat better. If I am collaging torn magazine parts, they don't wrinkle as much and I don't have to go over the pieces so much with a brayer to adhere them, which can rub some of the color off the magazine image.   When I frame the piece I  use the Goldens Gloss Medium on the collage parts as a varnish and will varnish the oil painting part with a varnish intended for oils and acrylics.  When I frame them I do not put glass on the finished framed piece.
Needs a title...any ideas?