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New Flower Painting ( First Bloom )

Jacqueline McIntyre

The photo on the top is the finished piece and the more   accurate one for the color in the painting.

Thought I would take a picture of what I am working on right now.  I find it really helps to see the painting from this perspective.  It shows me where the painting still needs work or if the composition is working.  It's a rainy day here in Portland...surprise...rain in Portland!  I couldn't get the right light to take a good picture and was having trouble getting the color in the white flower to photograph more purple.  Some of the greens are really off also.  When I get the piece done I will try and set it up with better light.  The flower center isn't done and the bottom right needs more work. I really tried to get more texture and paint in my brush strokes.  I tried working with  Gamblins Galkyd Lite as a medioum and really liked that I could get the paint on thicker with a lot of brush marks showing.  Not really very visible in the photo.