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Festival Weekend

Jacqueline McIntyre

This past weekend was the Arts Festival in the Forest put on by the City of West Linn Oregon.  They really do an amazing job all weekend providing tons of entertainment all week, everything from lively music to magicians to the main event the tree dancers.  The weekend was brutally hot, about 98 on Saturday and Sunday.  Sally and I were very lucky in that our location was in the forested area, so we stayed relatively cool.   The first picture is of part of my painting displays, the next is our daughter and her family, the twins and TT, (Tim her very wonderful boyfriend) dancing to the Louisiana Zydeco Musicians.  Next is some of the many people who came to the show and the final pictures is the tree dancers.  I did very well and sold 2 large framed pieces and two of the unframed ones and have been asked to do a commission of one of my crow collages, so I was very happy how the weekend turned out...heat and all!