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Dolls head assemblage

Jacqueline McIntyre

Another project I have been working on is this doll head. Several years ago, my son was visiting us in Portland and came across this doll head in an antique shop. He knows me so well and bought it for me thinking I could use her in an assemblage someday. Well, she has kicked around in my closet for several years and recently on a organizing expedition in my messy closet I came across her and felt it was time to tackle her. She originaly had quite a bit of very messy hair on her head, which I tore off. I have an assortment of old buttons and odd pieces of jewelry which I glued to her now bald dome. I also had a funky old wooden cheese box which I attached her head to, so now she is in limbo until I figure out what goes ni her box. Hopefully she will direct me and that will be my next post...until then, CREATE!
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