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Naples Museum of Art

Jacqueline McIntyre

My last posts was about attending the Blossom Exhibition in Naples Florida which was held at the Naples Museum and Philharmonic center.  If any of you ever get to Florida and want to see a first class museum this is a beauty.  I felt so honored to have my art being shown at this Museum.  I didn't have time to find out the history of the museum while in Florida, but on my trip home to Portland I had bought the magazine "Art News"to read on the plane..  There on page 48 under "news, spotlight" was an article on Myra Daniels, a former advertising executive, who was determined to bring culture to Naples Florida.  What I found very interesting in the article was the information about her husband; Draper Daniels, also a famous advertising executive and who was model for the character Don Draper on the TV series "Mad Men", one of my favorite television shows.  One of the most amazing pieces of art  in the museum is the last large piece of sculpture done by Louise Nevelson;, who is one of my all time favorite artists, It was a wonderful experience to get to see the piece in person and not just online or in a book. Myra Daniels according to the article has raised $400 million dollars for the center, so if you get to Naples Fl, it's a must see.