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Jacqueline McIntyre

Title"Liquid Sunshine" 8"x8" $100.

Title "Sun-Break Bird 8"x10" $125.

Title "Think It's Another rainy Day" 8'x 8" $100.
I have attempted to create several more crow collages. So far I have completed 6 and I hope to do a series of 12 and am on number 7. I work from my own photographs but really have a hard time photographing the birds as it seems as soon as they see me coming they are off and running, actually they quickly fly away. Another problem is trying to get the color accurate on my computer monitor; I always wonder how accurate the colors look like on other peoples monitors. The paintings are 8"x8"  and 10"x 8", done in oil with collage on the sides.

I am calling the series rain birds and sun break birds because it rains a lot here; but what I find so unusual is the sun breaks, they come and go during the day but around 5 o'clock on many days the sun stays out and I always wonder what took it so long to appear and stay. I know we are greatly affected by the weather on the coast coming into Portland. I really don't mind the greyer days and am lucky I don't suffer from depression. I enjoy spending time in my studio on those days. It is so beautiful in the Pacific Northwest that even on grey days you can see the beauty; but the most spectacular days are when it so wonderfully clear and Mt Hood makes an appearance that is breath-taking with her pristine snow covered peak.
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