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COLD WAX AND OILSTitle "Crows Visiting the City"

Jacqueline McIntyre

This is the most recent cold wax painting I have been working on.  It's larger than my previous paintings in wax and oils, this one is 16x16 inches done on a panel. What I like about working with the wax and oil  combination is the giving and  taking of the process.  Layers can be added or removed, although the process does take several days or weeks depending on the drying time of the layers.  I am always wondering if the painting is done, questioning if I have "gone too far, should I add to it or should I take away parts?" 

Eventually I just tell myself to put the piece aside and come back to it later, this can be days or weeks later and hope to see it from a new perspective.  As artists how do you determine when a painting or work is finished?

Price $300; shipping $15.00