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Jacqueline McIntyre

Thought I'd post something I am working on. This piece is much longer but I haven't worked out all the idea for the rest of it. There will be three crows on the branch and another group of branches on the right. I'm not too happy yet with the crows, they still need work, but the oils still wet and I can't go back into the painting the crows which I want to be a denser black. I honestly don't know if I think this piece is going to work. I have several friends coming over and we critiques each others work, so perhaps their input will help me figure out if I should continue to work on the piece.

On another note the Audubon Wild Arts Festival is this weekend. Saturday the 19th and Sunday the 20th  My post on 10/4 ....shows the piece I entered. I had a lovely surprise, I receive several messages yesterday that the show had been featured on Fox News here in Portland and my entered piece was shown in detail on TV! Sure wish I had seen it. If your in Portland check out the show, it's always a very interesting show with live birds and great artists and authors. http //

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