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Hydrangea-Summer Sonnet

Jacqueline McIntyre

It's been awhile since my last post.  The coming holidays sort of get in the way of painting.  I had three paintings accepted into a show called "Birds of a Feather" which is in January at the Sixth Street gallery in Vancouver WA.  They are a co-op gallery, but also put on regular call to artists show.

The new floral painting is for a show in March, which I was juried into that would like up to 7 paintings for the show.  I had  a choice of showing the collage pieces or the flower series.  I haven't thought of a title for this one yet....any suggestions?  My Sister-in-Law, Joy suggested the title,"Summer Sonnet", after a poem she read recently, which I thought was a nice title.

So much for what I have been up to; my fellow Thursday Painters have been blogging also.  You have to check out Patty Ryans newest landscapes.   Patty does wonderful ink pourings where she somehow goes back into the pours and works on the pieces and winds up with terrific abstracts.  But, she recently  has done some new acrylic landsacpes that are loose and very painterly, a style of painting I wish I could do.
Also,  please check out another one of my painting buddies; Wendy Smith's blog; Wendy does beautiful landscapes in oil and pastel of  Oregons incredible scenery.