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Jacqueline McIntyre


Title "It's Only Misting" 8"x 10" $125.

Another set of crows in the series of weather related crows.  I hope to complete 2 more to make it a dozen. My grandkids are here now  are visiting from Los Angeles; so painting will have to wait while I get to enjoy their company.  Part of the process in creating the pieces are to collage the one side.  Many times I see a certain image in a magazine and that will get me started, but finding other elements to complete the collage may take some rummaging through all my magazines to find what I feel works and balances with the original image.  I paint all the crows from photos I have taken and recently bought a new camera with a 35x zoom lens because they are such flighty birds and take off as soon as I get any where near them. These two are 8"x 10" on cradled 3/4 inch boards.