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Tulip Tree Buds

Jacqueline McIntyre

Thought I would post another piece I am working on.  I was missing working on a flower painting.  I used a photograph I had taken of a tulip tree at our local mall.  As I was taking the picture of what I thought was just the flower a mall security guard approached me and told me I wasn't allowed to take photographs on  the mall property.  I nicely explained I was just taking a picture of the flowers and showed him what the image looked like, but he said no more photographs because part of one of the mall buildings was in the photo.  What a sad commentary about the world we live in now.

On another note, in a previous post I mentioned a work of mine being what I felt was copied.  A friend lent me a marvelous little book titled "Steal Like an Artist" by Austin Kleon.  It's truly inspirational for artists, writers or musicians.  I ordered a copy for myself from Amazon so I could use a chapter each day to inspire me.


Jacqueline McIntyre

Gee I realized hadn't posted in awhile.  I was juried into an Arts Festival show in August and thought I would change it up a bit.  Looking at other artists work on the Internet I see where quite a few are working on small pieces, mostly in a square format in a size 6" x 6". So  I thought join the crowd and do the cow the cow series,all in 6x6 square format.  Keeping them small might be a good price point for more people to buy who can't afford larger pieces, but still want to buy art or support an artists work.

What are your thought on prices and size of your art work?  They are oils done on gessoed 1/8' thick MDF board unframed.  A friend I suggested I show them with a frame and give the buyer the option of price with or without the frame.  Have any of you tried this and if so was it successful?

WOW...I really take bad pictures of my art.  I previewed what I posted and see that all the pieces look way too dark.  The pink background in the first one isn't nearly that dark.

BlueBird...Western Scrub Jay "JAY IN THE IRIS" ( Oil and Collage)

Jacqueline McIntyre

"JAY AND IRIS" ($100.)
I can always hear when one of these birds come to the feeder.  I run and grab my camera hoping to capture one of them looking my way.  Such noisy creature which have so much to say and with very load and strong voices.   I wasn't sure what type of blue birds they are and finally discovered they are called Western Scrub Jays.  I also have Stellar Jays that come to the feeder, but those birds have a sort of crown of feathers on top of their head.