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COLD WAX REDO (Landscape Transition #1)

Jacqueline McIntyre

The painting on top is the very first piece I did of the "Landscape in Transition", after working on several more I knew I wasn't happy with the first flower.  I decided to sand off the flower painting, regessoed the side and painted a different flower, along with darkening the photo to show a better representation of the colors in the piece.  The bottom painting shows the painting after it's transition with a new flower image.

Cloudy Day Chasing the Sun away

Jacqueline McIntyre

This is another crow painting done in oil with collage element on the side. On cradle board ,framed in a black lathe frame. size 8x8. Varnished and ready for hanging.$125.00,includes shipping in USA. Shipping outside USA to be determined by location.

I am now part of the Daily PaintWorks site and my art can be purchased there, see link below or contact me and buy through PAYPAL.