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In Transition ( Oil and Cold Wax )

Jacqueline McIntyre

The weather here in the Portland area has been just spectacular.  So because it has been rain free and mild I have had the opportunity to do some Plein Air painting with friends.  Painting outdoors has really never been something I have aspired to learn very well.  I find it hard to focus on just one small area of the landscape.  Right now the landscape is in transition.  The land is going dormant but with amazing colors before it settles down to it's winter mode.  I always take lots of photographs to review so that  I will be inspired through the rainy winter months.

  Looking at my photos I am always intrigued by flowers as they lose their blooms.  While I find flowers beautiful in their full bloom there is also something very beautiful in there final state of dormancy.

The fields are also going into dormancy and as I was working on some new cold wax pieces I realized how I had been affected by the autumn landscape and decided to do a series of work on the subject.  The process of working with the wax and oils creates beautiful abstract surfaces.This was my first start about the landscape in transition.  The abstract side is the field in transition and the flower side is also in transition going into it's last bit of life.

The pieces were done on 1 1/2 inch cradled boards, 12" x12"



Jacqueline McIntyre

I just found out that my bird paintings will be featured all week at the Portland Home and Garden show at the Expo center.  The show runs from Wednesday FEB. 20th to Sunday the 24th.  I will be there sketching for two of the days, but not sure which days as yet.  I will try to post which days I will be there.  Hope to see you there.

Cloudy Day Chasing the Sun away

Jacqueline McIntyre

This is another crow painting done in oil with collage element on the side. On cradle board ,framed in a black lathe frame. size 8x8. Varnished and ready for hanging.$125.00,includes shipping in USA. Shipping outside USA to be determined by location.

I am now part of the Daily PaintWorks site and my art can be purchased there, see link below or contact me and buy through PAYPAL.


Jacqueline McIntyre

Every year Art Media a Portland Oregon Art Supply Company hands out free 6" x 6" canvas to do a painting for the Audubon Wildlife Show. Art media has now become part of Dick Blick, a national company and from what other artists have told me only 25 canvas were handed out, probably from each store location. I happened to already have one so this will be my donated piece this year. I will post more about the show as the dates gets nearer in November. Remember all these little gems are only $40.!

Also, I have had several request for me to post the prices I am asking for my "Rain Bird" series. Always the hardest decision as to what to price ones art work. I have decided to ask $100. for the 8" x8" and $125. for the 8"x10".
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FLOWER PAINTING (Marigold Oil Painting)

Jacqueline McIntyre

I recently went to the Luscher Farm in Lake Oswego Oregon; it's a community garden and my fellow artist friend Wendy Dehart and I try to get there at least once in the summer to do some Plein Air work. The gardens are beautiful, full of wonderful flowers and veggies everywhere. Well, as usual I was in a state as to what to paint. Since I don't get outdoors often enough to paint I usually can't decide what to paint. It's a real dilemma for me and when I saw this bunch of Marigolds I instinctively felt they where calling to me, so my confusion was put to rest as I always love to paint flowers.

But, I think looking back at my experiences with Plein Air painting I have come to the conclusion it's not what I enjoy painting, or if I am to paint outdoors I want to hone in on a small area and not try to paint the vast expanse of the landscape. Any one out there who has the same problem? I think another problem I have with landscape painting is there are so many artist who do it so well and I want to some some how put a different concept to my work.

Mitchell Albala who's landscape painting book "Essential Concepts and Techniques for Plein Air and Studio Practice", recently posted an interview with Wolf Kahn,  whose landscapes are amazing because he has learned to paint the suggestion of the landscape without painting the detail. If the link doesn't work try .
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Jacqueline McIntyre

Title "Sunshine on a Cloudy Day" 8"x8" $100.

Title "Cloudy Day Chasing The Sun Away" 8"x8" $100.

Here in Portland we have many cloudy days, but many times on those cloudy days we get what the weather men call sunbreaks through out the day. So as part of my "Rain Bird" series I have included "Sun break Birds". 8" x8" on 3/4 inch Cradle Board


Jacqueline McIntyre

I recently came across an old photo of a coffee cup and spoon. I had done a painting of it several years ago and thought it would be interesting to try another small painting of it.  The one on the top is the new painting, not sure if it's any better though.....hmmm, have I not grown as an artist? I have mentioned in previous posts how I always admire artists whose works are very loose, but I can never achieve that and realize I have to control  my brush strokes because I don't have the confidence in my ability to let go.